About Us

Intrapid CC Company Profile

Intrapid CC was established in 1993, and has always been recognized as a pioneer in the adventure and training industry, with Alex Rose at the helm, leading the way in motivating safety, establishing new venues and promoting ideas.

Given the relative climate of hostile competitiveness in the then embryonic River & Rope Access industry, a priority was initially given to developing alternative, pristine tours in aesthetically pleasing and sensory stimulating surrounds, in conjunction with training.

Intrapid CC personnel ultimately participated & consulted in international Adventure events, whilst bringing new visions into the industry and being instrumental in establishing the first upliftment industrial rope access team in 1995 for the WWF funded Alien Vegetation Clearing Projects, as well as the world’s most successful High Wire facility.

Although a relatively young company in terms of established international companies, Intrapid CC has progressed in leaps and bounds through unadulterated commitment and enthusiasm; developing new programs, new ideas and spending many years focusing almost exclusively on perfecting operations and systems, resulting in thoroughly enjoyable and almost exclusive training & adventure experiences.

After expanding nationally in 1998, Intrapid CC subsequently consolidated and redirected the Marketing and Bush Cuisine companies, under the umbrella of Intrapid CC, into a successful Rope Access Training Academy in anticipation of the Oil and Gas development in S.A and off the coast of Africa.

On average Intrapid CC T/A Intrapid Rafting has overseen and guided in excess of 15 000 River Days/client & runs approximately 30-40 one and two day tours, and approximately 12 four day tours per year during active operations.

These Tours incorporate Paddling, Mountain Biking and Abseiling

The rivers range from class 1 to Class 4 & 5, depending on the season and volume.

Alex Rose has participated in the first five International Rafting Federation events held in Zimbabwe on the Zambezi, South Africa on the Orange and Costa Rica on the Lower Pacuare River, hosted by R J Reynolds Tobacco i.e. Camel Challenge, in the capacity of safety kayaker, rigging, & as assistant in logistics management - bringing back new ideas and the latest in developments, to a developing South Africa.


On Ropes Alex Rose has managed and supervised large groups, as a subcontractor/project manager, in the marine and industrial sector and provided Technical support for Drilling Tower Re-engineering projects in the Caspian Sea as well as Off Shore Inspection Engineering support for Production & Drilling.

Instruction in Work at Height has successfully graduated more than 1000 students of which more than 90% were previously disadvantaged – these successful students in Rope Access & Fall Arrest, averaging approximately 2000 hours a year, providing support as bread winners to their families.

Intrapid CC trading as Access Academy has been successfully delivering Registered Training since 2002 in the Work at Height Industry.

More recently Intrapid CC is expanding & developing structure for training in the field of NDT, Health & Safety, Blasting & Spraying & Welding, to support in excess of 40 000 hours of experience gained in the industrial work environment.